Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse (1947)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. MouseDr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse Review

Dr.   Jekyll and Mr. Mouse is a 1947 animated short which is the 30th Tom and Jerry short. It is one of the best flicks from this year.

Jerry drinks a potion that Tom made in order to kill him, but the mouse grows stronger and bigger as a result. This is an obvious parody of the title property and it works wonders in this format. It has such a great premise that is mostly executed with great results as the action is fantastic with Tom’s yelps being hysterical and the fridge scene in particular being the funniest.

It has its flaws which is the repetitive nature of it as it doesn’t always work as great as it should, but it is mostly great and has Jerry used so well with such great facial expressions. But it is Tom who is the best character here and his devious grin when he makes the potion just made my day as it is so funny and so well done with superb effects. I love this entry and found it to be one of the better efforts of the time.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse is repetitive, but always entertaining and frequently hilarious with great premise and animation and superb facial expressions.

My Rating – 4.2

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