You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown (1979)

You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown ReviewYou’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown Review

You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown is a 1979 animated television special and the 18th entry in the Peanuts series. It is such a great return to form after many middling specials and it is definitely one of the best entries so far.

Charlie Brown competes in the decathlon with Peppermint Patty as his coach. I really enjoyed this storyline. Yes, the problem it has is its overreliance on already established formula and it doesn’t have absolutely anything new in it. But that formula worked before and it works now. Some of the plot points were overlong and somewhat dull, but most are not only entertaining, but also funny as well.

I really liked Charlie Brown here and that ending where he lost the race is so phenomenal and really well executed while also being quite memorable. Peppermint Patty is typical here, but Marcy is pretty good, although I never really understood why and how she could compete in this sport. As for Freddie, he is a pretty good new character here, especially because he was a great opponent to Snoopy who is absolutely fantastic in this one, so funny and interesting. Overall, You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown is a strong, stupendous entry that really surprised me with its quality.

You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown is a wonderful return to form for the struggling series with a great humor, a typical, but always satisfying storyline and some great character moments.

My Rating – 4

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