Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown ReviewBe My Valentine, Charlie Brown Review

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown is a 1975 animated television special and the thirteenth entry in the Peanuts series. It is such a disappointing entry that is one of the weakest for the series.

Linus is in love with his school teacher, Lucy makes a valentine for him whereas Charlie Brown does not get a single valentine later on. This is such a disappointing and lacking use of the holiday with most of the subplots being quite weak unfortunately. It is also incredibly slow paced and frankly even dull at times. And most of the characters never get their moments to shine here.

Charlie Brown’s subplot is quite solid and it is great that he finally got a special that concerns him in a substantial amount of running time. The highlight here is definitely the highly interactive puppet show that Snoopy and Charlie organize for Lucy. That was very inventive and simply hilarious. But overall Snoopy is boring here with that last eating scene being the exception. Also, Sally is pretty underwhelming and Linus is very forgettable. The ending is solid, but could have been better. In the end, it has its moments, but it is nonetheless one of the weakest Peanuts specials thus far.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown has some comedic highlights, but it is for the most part either forgettable or dull and it is such a disappointing use of this holiday.

My Rating – 3.2

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