Buddy’s Show Boat (1933)

Buddy's Show Boat ReviewBuddy’s Show Boat¬†Review

Buddy’s Show Boat is a 1933 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a sometimes inventive, but mostly passable entry.

The problem with Buddy’s Show Boat lies mostly in its second half which is very standard and typical in all of its plot points and gags. I found the conclusion to also be pretty forgettable. As for the characters, Buddy and Cookie are great and they share some genuinely terrific moments, but others are pretty forgettable.

I absolutely loved that phone booth sequence. That was so inventive and perfect in its execution. It is the type of gag that is both clever and funny while also being the most outstanding part of this film and one of the most memorable gags from the series so far. I just wish that the rest of the film was as inventive.

Buddy’s Show Boat has one awesome gag, but it is otherwise pretty typical with the exception of Buddy and Cookie who are both wonderful here.

My Rating – 3.5

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