Buddy’s Adventures (1934)

Buddy's Adventures ReviewBuddy’s Adventures Review

Buddy’s Adventures is a 1934 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very good, original short.

Buddy and Cookie somehow visit a land where music is forbidden. Without going into too much detail, that is the plot of this Looney Tunes entry and it is so authentic and interesting. It so obviously influenced ‘Yellow Submarine’ and I don’t know why not many people realize that. I loved the beginning which reminded me of Oz and the ending with that spanking scene was very risquĂ© and simply hilarious.

Buddy’s Adventures is still far from great as this is the type of story that would have benefited from the use of color so they should have waited to tell it that way. The pacing is so wrong and frenetic as the film should have been at least two minutes longer. But it is populated with fun characters and such entertaining action on screen that it definitely is one of the best that Buddy has to offer.

So original in plot and a lot of fun, though too frenetic, Buddy’s Adventures is one of the best Buddy outings for sure.

My Rating – 3.7

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