Bosko the Speed King (1933)

Bosko the Speed King ReviewBosko the Speed King Review

 Bosko the Speed King is a 1933 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very weak short.

Bosko the Speed King annoyed me as it is a rehash of some previous Bosko entries. We’ve seen stuff like this before and certainly done better. The racing was done before and here it wasn’t particularly memorable. I found Bosko to be pretty forgettable here as well and all of the other characters were weak too.

The ending is pretty good and overall the film isn’t bad and it has its good moments, but as a whole, it isn’t particularly entertaining and it is bland and certainly uninspired. I wish that Bosko’s next adventure will be much more interesting and original than this one.

Bosko the Speed King has a good ending, but the plot is rehashed and the film is overall pretty bland and uninspired.

 My Rating – 3.3

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