Autumn (1930)

Autumn ReviewAutumn is a 1930 Disney animated short film. It is a typical short from its time.

This time around we basically follow autumn activities from various animals with the biggest focus given to squirrels as they prepare food for the winter. What I liked here is that the film is realistic and this is how these animals really behave during autumn. That is the biggest reason why it should prove satisfactory for children and a great edutainment for them.

But the film is very weak in terms of storytelling. And highly typical. Again it is realistic and well made and portrayed in animal activities, but the score, though good, is still overwhelming and the film is littered with too many dance sequences. The animation is solid as a whole, but the character designs are once again horrible and unappealing. I just never could get into the designs from this particular period.

Autumn serves as a solid edutainment for children, but it is too musically oriented and containing typically unappealing animal designs.

My Rating – 3.3

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