A Trip to the Moon (1902)


A Trip to the MoonA Trip to the Moon is an undisputed classic according to critics and I totally agree. What George Melies did here is not only remarkable and groundbreaking but simply extraordinary and for all times. It technically looks splendid with astonishing costumes, excellent editing, expectedly terrific direction, unbelievable effects and above all outstanding set pieces with plethora of memorable moments with authentic imagery.

The plot has some silly moments, but it is mostly positively silly and it is also very fast paced which was unusual for the time but works for the movie fine. I wished for more scenes on the moon, but it was great to have first act on Earth and second out there and it was done with excellent editing and build-up. And of course the sequence with the moon getting hit on the eye is iconic for a reason as it is executed perfectly and so visually intriguing.

It is incredibly engaging, visually artistic and stunning, perfectly executed all around and it is an effervescent, fun and above all a revolutionary movie that truly is one of the best of its time.

My Rating – 4.8

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