A Dream Walking (1934)

A Dream WalkingA Dream Walking Review

A Dream Walking is a 1934 animated short film from the Popeye the Sailor series that is one of the best Popeye flicks of the year and a return to form after a couple of lackluster efforts.

It follows Popeye trying to save Olive who is sleepwalking on top of the building whereas Bluto is there to make matters more difficult for our hero. This is a great plot that thankfully this time is executed properly. I loved the finale which is so incredibly memorable and satisfying and simply hilarious. Although it and the whole premise is too similar to that of ‘Sock-a-Bye, Baby‘, it is at least done right and is so entertaining throughout the whole running time.

Popeye is so good as is Olive who always provides physical humor, but it is also great to finally see Bluto again as he hasn’t appeared in recent films, but is here this time around and serves his purpose. The plot is derivative, but is executed wonderfully with superb humor and some unforgettable moments.

A Dream Walking is derivative, but still very good as it is so funny and with a couple of truly fantastic scenes.

My Rating – 4.1

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