Geri’s Game

Geri's Game Geri’s Game is Pixar’s sixth short film and their second to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. And it deserved it as it’s one of their finest with its clever and sophisticated nature.

It is about an old man who plays chess with himself and as the movie progresses, we suddenly see two versions of him playing, but in the end as the camera backs, we see that he plays with himself and that there is no one there beside him. That is an excellent approach as it lets you perfectly inside the character’s mind. And this movie has one of the best story arcs and characterizations in a Pixar short, that’s for sure. He is such a beloved old man and his looks, behavior and moves are all so realistic. But it is his smiles and childlike nature that are the most endearing.

The plot perfectly plays. It starts somewhat fast, but the middle is awesome and the shift into two persons is done deftly as is the movie’s conclusion which is just amazing. It is a perfectly wrapped up little film. And the score is really good, albeit the choice to cut from it at some points, leaving just silence, was awkward.

The animation is terrific without a doubt. The character design is the highlight with Geri’s look being both grounded and very well realized. But the backgrounds are also good as are the little details such as chess figures and hands. It is evident that a decade passed from their earlier films as the animation is so much better here as it advanced remarkably in that one decade.

Geri’s Game is sweet, endearing and incredibly smart and sophisticated. It also has wonderful animation, excellent characterization and a great conclusion making it, along with ‘Red’s Dream‘, one of Pixar’s very best shorts.

My Rating – 4.6