A Corner in Wheat (1909)

A Corner in Wheat ReviewA Corner in Wheat Review

A Corner in Wheat is a 1909 silent short film directed by D. W. Griffith that is usually regarded as the finest film of that year.

A Corner in Wheat is about a greedy tycoon who tries to corner the world market on wheat and destroys the lives of the people who can no longer afford to buy bread. This story is not only dramatic, but also important and really well told. You can really feel the desperation in the air as the film has a really great dramatic and emotional tone to it. And the ending is powerful.

The problem I’ve had with the film is definitely the beginning which is unfortunately too abrupt in its nature. The movie just starts and nothing is properly explained. The first half is definitely inferior to the second one, but the second is great and so good. The cinematography is excellent, the score is good and the film is really well made on technical grounds. I also really liked that it managed to tell its story with no use of intertitles which is really respectable and quite professional.

A Corner in What is weaker in its first half, but the second one is great with a dramatic and emotional story and the film is overall really well crafted.

My Rating – 4