I’m a Big Shot Now (1936)

I'm a Big Shot Now ReviewI’m a Big Shot Now Review

I’m a Big Shot Now is a 1936 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is such a fun cartoon.

This is as good as gangster flicks can get as I usually tend to dislike them. Now obviously it still has those annoying personalities such as its protagonist but even he has his moments and he is so well acted with a memorable voice. The plot is solid and the highlight is the ending which was so memorable and with an unforgettable final line of dialogue.

The score is solid, but it is the animation that shines here as the birds are so well designed and the film is very inventive in its action as those aviary forces are very well thought out. The final shootout is superb in its execution and it makes a somewhat slower first half worth watching. The Warner Bros. cartoons truly have improved a lot during this particular year.

I’m a Big Shot Now is slower at first, but much more memorable and exciting later on with great action and inventive animation.

My Rating – 4.2

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