Yodeling Yokels (1931)

Yodeling Yokels ReviewYodeling Yokels Review

 Yodeling Yokels is a 1931 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is an old-fashioned, but archaic entry.

Yodeling Yokels is at times pleasantly traditional, but at times too archaic in its storyline. Yes, we basically follow Bosko trying to save Honey in the mountains and it is such a typical plot with not one plot point being unique. It is well done, but isn’t particularly entertaining.

The action is also overabundant. I liked the setting quite a bit and it was great to see Bosko and Honey finally share a kiss, but I wished that it was less frenetic in pacing and that it had more humor in it. The only moment that was humorous and memorable was the dog extending his tongue to save Honey. As for the other subplot, we get a mouse trying to play mini-golf with a piece of cheese. I don’t know what to think of this one. On the one hand, it is cute. But on the other hand, it has nothing to do with the other subplot and is just added for the sake of the longer running time.

Yodeling Yokels has a great ending and both of its subplots are charming, but do not mash well together and the plot is unremarkable.

 My Rating – 3.5

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