Worst Films of 2016

Worst Films of 2016


 Five Worst Films of 2016

2016 was a very good year featuring a lot of amazing films. But this list highlights some of the worst that has come during this year. And even though only a couple of these movies were quite bad, most were very weak and definitely deserving a spot on this list. I am going to list five movies with three honorable mentions and I have to say that I do not watch bad/critically trashed movies so this list is basically synonymous with the most overrated films list.

5. Sully

Such an overrated movie, Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood just could not save it. Sully is such a clichéd movie that would have been fine for a short film treatment, but as a feature, it was incredibly dull, bloated and it just did not work. Everything here was predictable and pointless and it is basically a TV movie.

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4. Elle

Elle is such a mediocre and infuriating French film because it actually started off rather strongly, but ended horribly. It basically promotes rape and that I just do not support. It could have been a good thriller, but the second half is so terrible, implausible and just plain irritating in the behavior of its protagonist that it frustrated me immensely.

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3. The Nice Guys

As the most overrated film on this list, The Nice Guys was pretty unwatchable and painful as this dated and overly nostalgic 70s influenced buddy cop movie. The performances from Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are admittedly very good along with their chemistry, but the plot is quite bad, the action is overwhelming and the film was very annoying and boring to watch.

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2. Toni Erdmann

I am so glad that this crap did not win the Oscar for best foreign film as it truly is a disaster. It is another case on this list where the core of it is actually really good, but the execution is the worst possible with such terrible humor and awful sexual situations that honestly made me uncomfortable. I guess the movie is funny to some, but to me it is painfully unfunny and incredibly annoying.

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1. Green Room

Yes, 2016 was a solid year for horror films, but neither of its horror features impressed me as much. But this is the only bad one that I watched and it had to take my number one spot as even the plot and concept are mediocre. There is nothing to be had here whatsoever apart from overwhelming and gory action and ridiculous scenarios. This is the kind of movie that gives horror films a bad name and it is in my opinion the worst that 2016 has to offer.

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Honorable Mentions:

Queen of Katwe – A very unsuccessful Disney movie that isn’t bad, but it is so typical in its plot and overly sentimental that it isn’t worth anyone’s time.

I, Daniel Blake – Another immensely overrated film on this list, this British drama is overly social and it lacks in terms of emotion and characterization. It is never as powerful as needed.

Hail, Caesar! – This is another proof that Coen brothers are just not for me. This movie has great visuals, but it is so painfully unfunny and way too condescending toward classic films.

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