Winter (1930)

Winter ReviewWinter Review

Winter is a 1930 Disney short film in the Silly Symphony series. It is a solid seasonal short.

After ‘Springtime’, ‘Summer’ and ‘Autumn’, this is the last seasonal short in the Silly Symphony series and in my opinion it just might be the best one. But that is still not saying a lot as the action and movements are again very repetitive and the character designs continue to be repulsive. Those reindeers were just painful to watch and very ridiculous and ugly in their looks.

But apart from those problems and a weaker middle, the film has a pretty good beginning and a stellar ending which actually has some plot in it as the animals visit Mr. Beaver who is a weather broadcaster. That was a very interesting development that made the film a lot more memorable than it could have been without it. I liked the score and the short is well animated discounting those terrible designs.

Winter still has all of the problems of the other three seasonal shorts in the series, but at least it is more fun and with a much more memorable storyline.

My Rating – 3.4

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