Wild Waves (1929)

Wild Waves Review

Wild Waves is a 1929 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a solid entry.

This is another one of those musical episodes, but it isn’t as dull. I do think that the first half is much better than the second half as there we witness Mickey save Minnie from drowning in a rather cool sequence. I also liked the ending and the film’s setting and romance are well realized. It is worth seeing just for these two lovebirds who are so charming here.

Mickey whistling to Minnie was sweet but the animation in lip-syncing definitely still needs some work. The overall animation and especially designs of the animals are not great here. The second half involved excessive dancing and singing in that typical late 20s/early 30s style where it is rather repetitive and boring with the same movements repeated throughout.

Wild Waves features overwhelming dancing later on, but the first half is very good and the romance between Mickey and Minnie is wonderful here.

My Rating – 3.5

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