Wild Elephinks (1933)

Wild ElephinksWild Elephinks Review

 Wild Elephinks is an animated short in Popeye the Sailor series released in 1933 and is without a doubt the best of its year.

Popeye is on an island with Olive and he must fight various animals that live there. This is such an interesting plot that for once uses his job title. It is also a great parody of that year’s popular film ‘King Kong’. It isn’t that remarkable in the first half, but the second half is so good and the finale is so satisfying and funny.

Olive is good in this one, especially near the end, but it is Popeye who is the standout here with such crazy gags. I liked the action here and the humor is incredible with so many hilarious and even inventive animal gags. The gorilla slapping a coconut into Olive’s head is one of the highlights along with all the animal skins that are left after Popeye’s beatings at the end. Those were all hilarious and the only problem I’ve had with the short is that the beginning is lackluster and that the elephant character never got much to do despite being emphasized more. But apart from that, it is the last and undoubtedly the best 1933 Popeye film.

Wild Elephinks is the best Popeye short of the year with some very funny and inventive gags, excellent plot with its great parodying elements and memorable action.

 My Rating – 4.3

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