When the Cat’s Away (1929)

When the Cat's Away ReviewWhen the Cat’s Away Review

When the Cat’s Away is a 1929 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such a dull entry.

This predated even the Silly Symphonies and it is one of the first cartoons to extensively rely on music and soundtrack to tell its story. But again what story? There is literally no plot here as we basically follow Mickey and Minnie dance around in the house and play the piano.

The score is nice and pleasant and the animation is solid. But I disliked that the two were portrayed as real mice instead of anthropomorphic mice. And again there is nothing here in terms of storytelling and even humor as the film is dull, not funny and overall uninspired. I do hope that the series do not start relying on music from now on.

When the Cat’s Away is the weakest Mickey Mouse short thus far with a dull, plotless approach and it relies too much on music.

My Rating – 3.1

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