When Magoo Flew (1954)

When Magoo Flew ReviewWhen Magoo Flew Review

 When Magoo Flew is a 1954 animated short that won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. It is a very good, funny film.

It follows Mr. Magoo who accidentally boards a plane instead of going to a 3D movie. He then thinks that the entire plain is a motion picture and he enjoys the experience quite a bit. This type of plot is perfect for the cartoon format and the execution is so good that it becomes great entertainment. Some of the scenes were too convenient and the animation isn’t the greatest, but this is mostly an exceptional little film that really deserved its Oscar in 1955.

The character himself is hilarious and I really enjoyed his amusing speech pattern. I loved that whole drama with his fellow criminal passenger and the moments where he searched for him were so memorable. The ending is very funny and such a great nod at the movie itself. The entire movie is truly clever and sophisticated, it is also very well edited and it rarely disappoints.

When Magoo Flew is a deserved Oscar winner –  a short that is not only funny, but also clever with a great premise and even better execution.

 My Rating – 4.4

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