Tweetie Pie (1947)

Tweetie Pie ReviewTweetie Pie Review

Tweetie Pie is a 1947 Merry Melodie that is the first cartoon featuring both Tweety and Sylvester and it is an Oscar winner.

Tweety is freezing outside and the cat’s mistress takes the bird in the house. Sylvester then manages to capture the bird and fails repeatedly. I really liked this film and found it to be a great starting point for this duo. It is so well crafted on almost every level and it starts really well. The only problem here is the ending which I didn’t find as great and some of the action could have been more diverse.

But Tweetie Pie is mostly excellent. Tweety’s lines are so funny and the cat is superb and so memorable here. Some of the action is fantastic, I loved the use of the broomstick and most of the scenarios did provide good laughs. The animation is top-notch and the score is really excellent. The way how they incorporated the score into the action is ingenious. The film is technically superb and mostly very satisfying leading to a deserved Oscar winner.

Tweetie Pie has great action, excellent and memorable use of its characters and the animation and score are both splendid.

 My Rating – 4.3

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