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Trainwreck Review

Trainwreck is a 2015 romantic comedy film directed by Judd Apatow and starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. It is the most famous romantic comedy of the year and it is a pretty good film.

Amy is a girl who drinks a lot, smokes pot and sleeps with a lot of men. But all that changes once she meets Aaron. She falls in love with him and has to change her ways in order to stay and be worthy of him. Yes, this is a clichéd and awfully predictable storyline. And no matter how smart and funny it is, the fact that it is so ordinary in its plot bothered me. But what bothered me the most is how incredibly predictable it is with every plot point after a plot point being so expected and typical.

However, as I mentioned above, it is smart and even subversive to some degree which is why it manages to get away with it for the most part. The best example is the ending which is a giant cliché, but is so inherently sweet and so incredibly funny and a bit different in execution that you love it anyway. Yes, the genres are swapped here and the girl is the one who has to prove herself and change the ways to be worthy of her partner. And that was a refreshing and welcome change, not to mention that it is very truthful and subtly feminist in its approach which is great. The beginning is also funny and interesting and the whole movie is filled with interesting and sympathetic characters for whom you care about.

Amy is phenomenal. She is so realistic and sweet and a great representation of a modern, sexual woman. I also liked how she has a great sense of humor and she made me laugh many times. She is the biggest contributor when humor is concerned. And she is just so inherently likable. Aaron is too good-natured, but he is also sympathetic and the two are a great couple with the two actors having a great chemistry with each other. And the supporting characters are also quite memorable and well written.

The acting is top-notch. Amy Schumer surely is a breakout star in Trainwreck and she is probably the only new star that emerged in this respectable year. She gives such a great performance and is so likable. Bill Hader is also good in this a bit different role for him. But it is LeBron James who surprised me the most! His character is not only likable, but also so well written and very funny. The relationship between him and Aaron is wonderfully established and he gives such a good performance that is stupendous having in mind that he is an athlete and not a professional actor.

The humor is really good here with a couple of really hilarious lines and a use of clever, well timed humor. The protagonist is in particular very funny. It is well filmed and the tone is quite well handled. I also liked its dialogue, the acting is great and the whole movie is very memorable. It is also a relevant and realistic look into modern relationships and promiscuity and it has such relatable and wonderfully developed characters. And it has such a great charming quality to it. The direction from Judd Apatow is once again troublesome and the editing is simply awful. Yes, the score is very good with some catchy songs well put to use, but the whole film is once again overlong, especially for this genre. And the third act in particular drags a lot. And it is not as good as ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin‘ or ‘Knocked Up‘, but it is still quite a good movie that is not much worse from these two films. It is most importantly an extremely entertaining and very charming flick that is so well executed that you can forgive its flaws which there are many.

Trainwreck is a clichéd and once again overlong and badly edited Judd Apatow flick, but it is still so charming and so entertaining while also being romantic and very funny. It is filled with likable and well developed characters, superb performances from its talented cast and such a good humor that it is definitely worth a watch.

My Rating – 3,5


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