Traffic Troubles (1931)

Traffic Troubles ReviewTraffic Troubles Review

Traffic Troubles is a 1931 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such a fantastic entry.

I absolutely loved this one. It has its flaws such as a weaker beginning and finale, but everything else is simply terrific. Here we get a phenomenal parody of the primitive cars and taxis of the early thirties and in hilarious fashion. The film is superbly animated and well scored while featuring a great dynamic between Mickey and Minnie who are amusingly devilish here.

Traffic Troubles has a bunch of highly memorable and even hilarious gags. Animal cruelty is high in this one and seeing that pig being tortured was brutal yet very funny. The same goes with the cow. But the highlights were the driving sequences as the fat driver, the bumps on the road and especially the taxi meter going high were brilliant, all very inventive gags.

Traffic Troubles has amazing, inventive gags which are frequently hilarious leading to the best Mickey Mouse short since the very first one.

My Rating – 4.3

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