Trader Mickey (1932)

Trader Mickey ReviewTrader Mickey Review

Trader Mickey is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a very weak entry.

This film is very backwards in its thinking and in its approach. Not old-fashioned but backwards. Not only is the entire cartoon basically one giant song and dance number and I thought we were done with them by now, but the cannibals are also portrayed as gorillas in a very racist, caricaturist look.

There is no denying that Trader Mickey is energetic and lively. It is. The film is also accompanied by fun music. But that is basically it when it comes to the good stuff, the rest is all bad. The animation is not all that great and the story and gags are literally non-existent. It’s a film that is boring from the beginning to the ending and pretty dated.

Trader Mickey would have been very solid as a 1930 Mickey Mouse entry, but as a 1932 film it is very weak and dated.

My Rating – 3

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