Top Ten The Jetsons Episodes


Top Ten The Jetsons Episodes List

The Jetsons has 75 episodes and at least half are pretty good. Here I will be talking about only the best of the bunch and I am going to try to include all the different types of episodes and characters in them so here is my list of the ten best episodes from all three seasons. The first season is naturally the most representative one on the list as it is by far the best.


10. Millionaire Astro

Every Astro-centric episode is bound to be at least solid and this is one of the best ones for sure. In it we learn that he had an owner before and he comes to take him home and a big custody battle ensues. This is a pretty big issue which should prove relatable to adoptive pet owners as well as adoptive parents which is why the episode is so wonderful.

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9. Father/Daughter Dance

As a rare 3rd season episode on this list, this one surely is pretty beautiful. I loved how the situation escalated and developed and it was nice seeing Grandpa Jetson again. But Judy is pretty good here and of course seeing George tell his boss off in order to dance with his daughter was the highlight of this very nice father/daughter storyline.

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8. Fantasy Planet

This is such a good, valuable episode with a great message for children as in it we see the entire family live their dream for a while until realizing that their life was pretty great without their dreams. Each family member got their moment to shine here which was admirable.

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7. The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane

I love the episodes which center on the Jetsons marriage and this one was a late, but wonderful excursion where we reminisce how they fell in love. The twist that their marriage was never legal was very interesting as it presented them a great opportunity to have another honeymoon.

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6. Las Venus

This is an expected Flintstones-inspired episode where George has to balance his work with satisfying his wife all the while being sexually hunted basically by another woman. It has a great use of solid situational comedy and it’s an episode that has it all from work to love to shenanigans.

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5. Jane’s Driving Lesson

I know. This episode is extremely sexist. Extremely! But this is the sixties we’re talking about and honestly it was downright hilarious seeing Jane scare off her driving instructors by her terrible driving because women are of course terrible drivers. I do realize that this may not be funny to many people, but to me watching it in context and embracing it in a way provided me with the opportunity to laugh with and at it and it truly is the funniest episode of them all.

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4. The Coming of Astro

Of course this is the quintessential episode with Astro and a great example of how this show really knew how to make great introductory episodes to its characters. Here we get acquainted with Astro in a fantastic, moving way and seeing him face the robot dog and seeing George starting to care for him was wonderful. It has a great message of how real, natural pets will just never be replaced and I appreciated it tremendously.

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3. Miss Solar System

This is a phenomenal episode which again utilized on its situational comedy beautifully. Here Jane attends and actually wins the titular title and George is left surprised and with a newfound appreciation of his wife’s beauty. A very funny episode with great interactions between the two.

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2. A Visit from Grandpa

This is an episode which introduced us to this elderly scoundrel who also made my top ten characters of this show list. Here he is very funny with his loud and energetic personality and I loved the message of this episode as it shows us that you may stay young at heart even at 110.

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1. Rosey the Robot

It is ridiculous that she rarely got more screen time in the first season when she was so wonderfully introduced to us here as a force to be reckoned with. This is a perfect number one spot as it is another introductory episode and the best of them all and the very first. Here we are introduced not just to Rosie but to the entire family for the first time superbly and the entire story with how Rosie became the member of the family was so well told. The best.

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