Top Ten Narnia Characters

Top Ten Narnia Characters……………………………………………….

Top Ten Narnia Characters

The Chronicles of Narnia is a fantasy series rich in story and themes and although its characters are never as strong as its story is, there are more than enough truly memorable and likable characters to fill this list. I was taking into account the overall likability of the character, his or her development as well as the overall impact on the story as a whole. So without further ado, here are my ten favorite Narnia characters and three more honorable mentions.


Top Ten Narnia Characters10. Reepicheep

Probably the most cartoony character on this list, you still can’t deny that this character is so good. Lewis amusingly made a mouse character that is very brave and honorable and the result is fantastic – both funny at times and seriously heartfelt. He is probably the bravest character out of all the Narnia characters and his conclusion was both majestic and moving.

Top Ten Narnia Characters9. Digory Kirke

He wasn’t utilized as much as I wanted from the books, but he was such a force in ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ and is splendid as its protagonist. I loved his story in that novel and he is a very interesting man as the first to meet Narnia and witness its creation along with Polly who isn’t as memorable as he is which is why she’s not on this list. He was very memorable, if briefly present in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ too.

Top Ten Narnia Characters8. Jill Pole

Lewis was a bit sexist in the earlier Narnia novels, but once he met his future wife, he drastically changed his opinion of women and suddenly populated the later entries with strong, capable women. Jill is one of the most memorable women in the series and she was to me very sympathetic and relatable in her realistic reactions to Narnia. Plus she becomes quite a warrior in ‘The Last Battle’.

Top Ten Narnia Characters7. Shasta/Cor

Shasta only appeared in ‘The Horse and His Boy’, but there he made such a big impact that I had to include him on the list. Another really relatable and realistic character, Shasta (or Cor as his real name turned out to be) is such a terrific protagonist of this book thanks in large part to his much darker quest than anyone other before him had endured and watching him question his faith and be pessimistic is a welcome change in pace from the usually more flawless leading men.

Top Ten Narnia Characters6. Puddleglum

I adored Puddleglum! He absolutely stole the show in ‘The Silver Chair’ as this incredibly pessimistic marshwiggle who helped Eustace and Jill out on their quest to find Prince Rilian. I liked how, although always bringing the mood down drastically with his pessimistic observations, he still managed to help the two and he is the funniest character in the entire Narnia series. Such a great comic relief.

Top Ten Narnia Characters5. Edmund Pevensie

Full disclosure: I dislike Peter and Susan and they are not on this list. But Lucy and Edmund are because both are much better. Edmund is the highlight in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and one of the few very well developed characters in that otherwise lacking in characterization book. And although he became a bit too good in the end, following him progress from a traitor to a great king was satisfying.

Top Ten Narnia Characters4. The White Witch/Jadis

Easily the best Narnia villain, The White Witch was a tremendous presence both in the book and in the movie. I loved how strong she was and she posed genuine threat to the heroes and rarely made mistakes which I admired. But her role in ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ is great as well and quite underrated as learning about her backstory in Charn was such a rewarding experience. She was overused in the movies, but in the books she was used in just the right amount and left a lasting impression.

Top Ten Narnia Characters3. Lucy Pevensie

Easily the most likable and well developed Pevensie kid, Lucy is such a wonderful girl and it is fitting that Aslan cared about her the most as she is the most selfless person there is and the biggest Narnia lover. Her love for this world was beautiful to witness. But I loved that she is flawed, as portrayed in her great role where she learned her lesson in ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’. I found her to be well utilized in all of the entries she was in and she is the best female character in the series.

Top Ten Narnia Characters2. Eustace Scrubb

I don’t know if anyone else would agree with such a high placement for him, but Eustace deserves it in my opinion. As a very similar character to Edmund, Eustace beats him mainly because he is much more likable and memorable, but mostly flawed. Whereas Edmund become too good later on, Eustace, although entirely shifting from spoiled and whiny to heroic and good-natured, still wasn’t as flawless and sometimes behaved badly and said bad things to others. And that is why I loved him and found him to be the most realistic character in the entire series.

Top Ten Narnia Characters1. Aslan

Taking an obvious first place, Aslan is the soul and heart of The Chronicles of Narnia. I loved that he presented Jesus in a very well realized parallel and his spiritual presence was felt throughout every entry. I loved how smart he is and how he taught lessons to each and every main character of the books. He appeared at always the right times and he stole every scene. Majestic and powerful, yet caring, he is a perfect God for Narnia and he carried the entire franchise on his furry shoulders. An unforgettable fantasy creation.


Honorable Mentions:

Aravis – As the most feminist and strongest female character in the series, Aravis is both badass and likable, interacting wonderfully with Shasta and getting a very good story in her own right.

Andrew Ketterley – Although a bit too goofy and cartoony, I still liked Andrew. He was a great catalyst for the creation of Narnia and one of those comedic villains who are actually good.

Mr. Tumnus – Both Cornelis and Puzzle were on my mind for this last spot, but Mr. Tumnus had a bigger role and that is why I put him. Such a warm character and a great friend of Lucy’s.


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