Top Ten Futurama Characters

Top Ten Futurama Characters…………………………………………………………….

Top Ten Futurama Characters

Futurama is a show that has an abundance of great characters and that is one of its biggest strengths. Most only appear from time to time, but the major crew we follow all the time is great and all of them are memorable. For my list I chose only the comedic characters so you won’t see Leela here. She serves her purpose and is actually a very good character, but she isn’t funny and the humor is where I focused the most when making this list. And no Hermes on here too because he is the only Futurama character that I really don’t like. So without further ado, here are my top ten Futurama characters with three honorable mentions as well.


Top Ten Futurama Characters10. Kif

He is of course weaker and less memorable than his captain Zapp Brannigan, but he is still a surprisingly solid character who got more than a couple of great episodes. Of course the relationship between him and Amy is interesting and great, but the highlight was following his annoyed facial expressions while being with Zapp. And I also loved his design, his home planet and the overall characteristics of his species, very imaginative.


 Top Ten Futurama Characters9. Scruffy

Being easily the most underrated Futurama character, Scruffy surely doesn’t get as much to do (and some jokes point at that brilliantly) as he only appears in a handful of episodes, but whenever he was on screen, he was bound to make me laugh. He is funny, but the jokes directed at him were even funnier.


Top Ten Futurama Characters 8. Mom and Sons

I at first disliked Mom, but she grew on me eventually. You can’t deny the strength of her character and watching her devilish persona was a lot of fun. She is a goofy and memorable villain and one of the two female characters on this list. But to me her Sons were even better as their dynamic was so much fun and most of those moments were hilarious.


Top Ten Futurama Characters7. Lrrr and Ndnd

 Another underrated character, Lrrr is so good. Thankfully he got a solid amount of episodes in the second half of the series whereas at first he didn’t. I loved his personality and he is so amusing. And of course he wouldn’t be complete without his sweetheart Ndnd. Watching those two argue or try to rekindle their passion was bound to be hilarious. They are the finest Futurama duo after Kif and Zapp.



Top Ten Futurama Characters6. Bender

I like Bender, but I don’t love him. I found his personality to be interesting, yet frequently over-the-top. Some of his episodes were genius and the robot angle that comes from him is great and clever. However, he is this low on the list because his humor was overly on-the-nose and aggressive in my opinion which is why I think he is honestly quite overrated. He is good and sometimes even great, but there are much better characters on this show for me personally.


Top Ten Futurama Characters5. Amy

I really like Amy! At first I didn’t, but she is another character that grew on me eventually leading to her becoming the best female character on the show. Her dynamic with Leela is terrific and watching her humiliate her fashion sense was consistently funny, but she is the best when delivering sexual humor. Crazy and promiscuous, but a lot of fun too, Amy definitely deserves this high a spot.


Top Ten Futurama Characters4. Zoidberg

Zoidberg didn’t get much to do in the first season, but ever since the second one, he has been one of the strongest and most essential members of the Planet Express crew. Interestingly designed, he is a lovable, yet gross creature and the physical humor with him was some of the best slapstick that the series did. But I liked that he was an underdog too as everyone ridiculed him, but in a fun way. He is very funny, that’s for sure. But he is quite possibly the most endearing character on the show.


Top Ten Futurama Characters3. Fry

I rarely like protagonists in these comedy shows, but Fry is different because he is actually funny and entertaining. Surely, he got more than a fair share of dramatic/emotional episodes, but he is the best at being dumb, yet caring. His relationship with Leela is so strong, but so are his interactions with everyone else. Some of his lines can be quite funny and I admired his character the most because he is humorous, while also having a great personality and a very strong character arc.


Top Ten Futurama Characters2. Zapp Brannigan

I could never get enough of Zapp and I didn’t actually as he never got as many episodes as he should have. But regardless of that, he is amazing. Over-the-top and always full of himself, he provided the best sexual humor in the show. His pursuit of Leela always led to highly humorous episodes, his relationship with Kif was also great and he is just great all around being magnificently acted, depicted and actually quite original and highly memorable personality.


Top Ten Futurama Characters1. Professor Farnsworth

And the finest character of all Futurama characters has to be Professor Farnsworth and I do not get why other people do not share that opinion too. He is easily the funniest character, even when compared to Zapp. Many of his catchphrases are classics and the dialogue that came from him was consistently some of the best of the show. I liked his crazy personality and he interacted with everyone else on the Planet Express team really well. He never disappointed me and it is such a commendable feat to have the oldest character be the funniest. Unforgettable and very amusing, he is the best and smartest creation from Futurama and that is why he gets the number one spot.


Honorable Mentions:

Inez and Leo Wong – Always expecting grandkids from their daughter Amy, this crazy Wong duo stole the show whenever they appeared with their signature and strong humor.

Morbo and Linda – Another great duo, these reporters are a lot of fun. It was always funny watching him threaten the Earthlings and then seeing her laugh it off.

Nibbler – As one of the most authentic looking creatures in the show, the juxtaposition of cute and smart made Nibbler a very amusing character with a great backstory as well.


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