Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

This year had some pretty good and highly memorable posters that wonderfully promote the movie and work well as wallpapers. I am going to count my personal top ten posters and I only considered the movies that I have seen.

10. Moonlight

This is the kind of poster that describes the movie really well and is highly memorable. Moonlight is a coming-of-age tale of a young gay black man and in the poster you see three faces from his childhood, adolescence and adulthood. All three parts of the movie are well incorporated into a highly recognizable poster.

 Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

9. La La Land

As one of the most memorable films of the year, La La Land also had a very memorable poster which is from one of its most memorable sequences. I love the color and both the dance movements of the protagonists and that lamp post are highly recognizable.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

8. Swiss Army Man

I did not love this movie as it was too odd for me. However, its poster is very good. It does what every poster should do – intrigue you that you want to see the movie instantly. Its pleasing greenish color, that small island and the two men on it instantly beg many questions about it.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

7. Kubo and the Two Strings

This Laika animated film disappointed me quite a bit and again the poster sold it really well. The parting of the sea is cool, the darker colors are intriguing and both the moon and the pose from the protagonist are very memorable.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

6. The Witch

The Witch is a famous horror film from 2016 that I found disappointing. But the poster contains that goat which is easily the best and creepiest part from the whole movie. I loved that goat and I love it here as well plus those title letters are intriguing and different.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

5. Your Name

The pattern is the same with this number five choice – a disappointing movie, but with a very cool poster. It instantly hooks you in and intrigues you with its very colorful look and a very interesting premise which is shown here in its two halves: one in the country and another in the city.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

4. Hunt for the Wildepeople

A pretty good and adventurous flick from New Zealand got a fun poster too. The boy, the old man and the boar are so interestingly positioned and you immediately get a very different, unique and very much New Zealand vibe from the whole thing.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

3. Green Room

I absolutely hated this movie and it’s my pick for the worst film of 2016. However, this is the list of best posters and I could just not deny the power of Green Room‘s poster. It is very intriguing, it uses its titular color so well and both the pose and sparse space are highly memorable.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

2. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book of course features excellent special effects and thus the poster is great as well. I like this one the most as it features a meticulous attention to detail. The wolves, Mowgli with fire, the ruins – everything is interesting and so well done visually both here and in the film itself.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

1. Hacksaw Ridge

And my favorite poster has to be the one for Hacksaw Ridge. It is nowhere near as strong as the last year’s ‘The Hateful Eight’, but it is still the most memorable poster from the entire year which it why it takes this first spot. I particularly like its imagery. And the fact that it was painted in that old-fashioned, classic Hollywood manner I just love.

Top Ten Film Posters of 2016

Honorable Mentions:

The Secret Life of Pets – The movie would have been better as a short but this poster wonderfully reminds you of its funniest part when the dog is waiting for his owner to arrive home.

10 Cloverfield Lane – An instantly recognizable poster for such a good movie, it finds a very good use of its title which is so well incorporated into the overall imagery.

Moana – The parting of the sea, the characters and its lush colors are all very memorable in this bright, fun poster for a very good Disney flick.

Fantastic Beasts – I love this film and this poster made me so excited for it as it features the new team in a good manner. Their poses and the buildings around them are both memorable.

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