Give and Tyke (1957)

Give and Tyke ReviewGive and Tyke Review

Give and Tyke is a 1957 animated short that is the first of the two Spike and Tyke spin-offs in Tom and Jerry series.

Can Tom and Jerry succeed without, well, Tom and Jerry? Hmm, yes and no. This film is quite solid, but nothing remarkable as it has many flaws that really hurt it in the long run. One is the lack of humor at first and really the entire first half is pretty dull and uninspired. And another problem is the animation which is not as polished as the series is famous for. This time it looks rather cheap.

But Give and Tyke is still pretty solid owing to that amazing ending. That alley dog isn’t particularly well utilized, but in the ending itself, he is marvelous. The same goes for Spike. That entire situation was perfectly executed. And I liked the overall plot about stray dogs and dog licenses, even if it wasn’t used in a great way.

Give and Tyke is at first rather dull and the animation is weak, but the ending is awesome and the characters are solidly put to use.

 My Rating – 3.8

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