Robin Hoodwinked (1958)

Robin Hoodwinked ReviewRobin Hoodwinked  Review

 Robin Hoodwinked is a 1958 animated short that is the penultimate Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a solid, interesting outing.

What I didn’t like about Robin Hoodwinked is how it didn’t utilize its premise particularly well, especially the setting and time period as rarely do we see anything really entertaining here. And Nibbles speaks differently which was unusual and weird. However, I still liked Nibbles as he was the most fun character this time around.

That sequence with Tom is prolonged, but very well executed and I really liked the use of red wine and that Nibbles actually did get drunk. Some of the imagery, especially the castle, is memorable and the animation and score are both pretty good. The ending is very sweet and a lot of fun.

Robin Hoodwinked definitely doesn’t utilize its potential, but is fun, sometimes very interesting and mostly satisfying.

 My Rating Р4

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