Royal Cat Nap (1958)

Royal Cat Nap ReviewRoyal Cat Nap Review

Royal Cat Nap is a 1958 animated short that is the 114th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a phenomenal, truly funny entry.

This is easily the finest Three Mouseketeers short of all and undoubtedly the best Tom and Jerry cartoon in years, it’s that good! The French king wants to sleep and orders tom to make sure Jerry and Tuffy don’t wake him up. The premise is great, if not terribly original. I loved the execution of it and, although the beginning and the ending aren’t as strong, the entire second act is just brilliant.

The humor here is awesome. I haven’t laughed this much watching Tom and Jerry since its earliest years. Tom’s going out for a yelp was just brilliant and perfectly executed and so incredibly funny. I laughed out loud whenever that happened. I loved how the two mice were used and the dynamic between the three here is superb. There are so many great situations here, so many laughs leading to such a terrific entry.

Royal Cat Nap is hilarious, entertaining and so well executed. It’s the best entry in the series in quite a while.

 My Rating – 4.2

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