Mucho Mouse (1957)

Mucho Mouse ReviewMucho Mouse Review

 Mucho Mouse is a 1957 animated short that is the 111th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a pretty good, authentic short.

I really liked its authentic setting and plot. It is basically set in Spain and we follow Jane as she gets frustrated with Lightning’s incompetence to catch Jerry who is here called El Magnifico and thus she calls Tom for help. It is interesting that Tom is the capable one here which is unusual for the series. It is also great watching Jerry in his unforgettable role. And Lightning is great as well.

The action is lacking and it should have been much better plus the humor isn’t the strongest, but the film succeeds mostly because of its setting and mythology. It utilizes bull fighting and overall Spain remarkably well and I loved the amusing use of Spanish language in it. It’s just a shame that it isn’t as strong in humor and fights.

Mucho Mouse benefits from an excellent use of its Spanish setting leading to a very authentic entry.

 My Rating – 4.1

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