Smarty Cat (1955)

Smarty Cat ReviewSmarty Cat Review

Smarty Cat is a 1955 animated short that is the 95th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is another one of those notorious compilation films.

Smarty Cat is an annoying compilation film that certainly does have a good choice of movies in it as all three of these movies – ‘Solid Serenade’, ‘Cat Fishin and ‘Fit to be Tied‘ – are pretty great. And the chosen scenes from them were some of the best. However, that still doesn’t change the fact that this is a lazy endeavor and it is so lazy that it is even repetitive.

The cat gang invites Tom to watch the movies where he fooled Spike the dog. Jerry wants to watch too, but they continually kick him out. Continually, that is the essential word here. All of those scenes felt so repetitive as they were basically the same and had no variety in them. And the end sequence where Spike chased the cats was so disappointing.

Smarty Cat has a good choice of movies in its compilation format, but the plot itself is repetitive and it lacks both in humor and action.

My Rating – 3

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