Tom and Chérie (1955)

Tom and Chérie ReviewTom and Chérie Review

Tom and Chérie is a 1955 animated short that is the 94th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is the best entry in its respectable trilogy.

Tom and Chérie is the third and last entry in the Mouseketeer trilogy and I have to say that it is better than both ‘The Two Mouseketeers‘ and ‘Touché, Pussy Cat!’. Those two were overrated and this one is certainly underrated as it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. I loved the use of Jerry here who is surprisingly lovestruck and selfish. Tuffy is absolutely terrific and so funny with his French sentences.

It may seem a bit repetitive, but the scenario works really well and I loved the smaller use of Tom. The ending is so funny and to me is the highlight of the entire short. However, there also lies a big problem. Jerry gets no comeuppance at all and that was disappointing as he very much deserved it.

Tom and Chérie is repetitive and sometimes problematic, but still quite good, funny in its ending and having a great use of its characters, particularly Tuffy.

My Rating – 4

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