Southbound Duckling (1955)

Southbound Duckling ReviewSouthbound Duckling Review

Southbound Duckling is a 1955 animated short that is the 90th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a very derivative, albeit well made entry.

Yes, Southbound Duckling is so uninspired and I’ve seen this plot countless times before, at least it felt like it. These Quacker cartoons are usually like that. However, whereas they lack in originality, they more than compensate that with a lot of charm and energy and this is no exception as it is such an endearing and charming entry, just like its feathered protagonist.

Quacker is so likable here and you just want to hug him for his unfortunate attempts to fly and go south. Jerry is the voice of reason here at first, but eventually gives in and helps his friend and I liked that. Tom is pretty typical, but that ending is very interesting and different than usual as it ends with his victory, a sort of victory. It was a funny and satisfying ending and the whole cartoon is well crafted and fun.

Southbound Duckling is so uninspired, but so charming and endearing that it eventually succeeds.

My Rating – 4

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