Pet Peeve (1954)

Pet Peeve ReviewPet Peeve Review

Pet Peeve is a 1954 animated short that is the 88th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a groundbreaking entry in the series for better and for worse.

Spike and Tom have to catch a mouse in order to stay in the house. The premise is good and it is interesting and groundbreaking for various reasons. First, Spike is in the house either just for the purpose of this episode or for now forward, we shall see. And the introduction of a white couple as the owners of the two is excellent as it was about time that we finally see them.

What I didn’t like at all is its animation. I just found CinemaScope to be very annoying in its shorter frame and weirder look to its characters. It just isn’t as great as it had been before, at least when I’m concerned. Or it could be the problem of me having to adjust to it first. As for the plot, I liked it quite a bit actually. The action is uninspired, but the use of both characters is great and the ending is excellent.

Pet Peeve is well executed and groundbreaking with subpar animation, but a great use of its premise and characters.

My Rating – 4

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