Downhearted Duckling (1954)

Downhearted Duckling ReviewDownhearted Duckling Review

Downhearted Duckling is a 1954 animated short that is the 87th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is an unfunny, but solid and amusing entry.

Quacker thinks he’s ugly and it is up to Jerry to persuade him otherwise. Yes, the plot is nothing special, but as Quacker entries go, it is pretty good. I liked the little duckling here as he was so amusing and just lovable with his signature cute talk and downhearted behavior. And Jerry is quite solid as well.

Tom is typical and not that well utilized and the same goes for the action which is repetitive. The humor is also not great as the film isn’t funny. But it is charming and endearing enough to be pretty solid in the end. I also really liked that amusing ending and I found Quacker to be pretty satisfying here.

Downhearted Duckling lacks in the humor and action departments, but at least Quacker is great and the short is quite endearing and amusing.

My Rating – 4

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