Mice Follies (1954)

Mice Follies ReviewMice Follies Review

Mice Follies is a 1954 animated short that is the 85th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is not great, but still classy.

Yes, Mice Follies is such a classy cartoon that hugely benefits from the use of classical music with that beautiful Sleeping Beauty Waltz from Tchaikovsky.  The entire short has that charming feel to it and the ice setting in particular is wonderful and well brought to life with some solid animation.

But besides those technical aspects, the flick isn’t strong in terms of action and humor. Some chases are good, but most are typical and frankly forgettable. The same goes for humor. And the setting is also not that greatly used, just solidly. Overall, I liked it quite a bit, but it didn’t blow me away.

Mice Follies is classy, technically polished and charming, but weaker in action and humor. But because of that great music, it manages to be quite good in the end.

My Rating – 4

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