Baby Butch (1954)

Baby Butch ReviewBaby Butch Review

Baby Butch is a 1954 animated short that is the 84th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a very weak, slight entry that is one of the worst in years.

Baby Butch isn’t bad as it has its strengths mainly the friendly pairing between Tom and Jerry and a somewhat different storyline. However, everything else here falls apart as unfortunately those two aren’t that well realized and their companionship should have been more emphasized in a plot like this.

Another problem is Butch who is frankly annoying in this one. The entire baby behavior is off-putting, but he was just too boring as his scenes were awfully repetitive. And the worst of all has to be that ending. Wow, rarely have I seen such a weak Tom and Jerry ending where you have a weak gag instead of making it all about the cat and mouse. Such a missed opportunity. This is easily one of the worst entries in the series in quite a while.

Baby Butch is so slight and weak with some solid things in it, but mostly being boring and annoying.

My Rating – 3.2

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