Posse Cat (1954)

Posse Cat ReviewPosse Cat Review

Posse Cat is a 1954 animated short that is the 81st Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a solid sequel.

Posse Cat is a sequel to ‘Texas Tom‘ and even though it doesn’t quite succeed as a great Tom and Jerry short in its own right, it does succeed as a sequel as it definitely trumps its predecessor. There are some quite funny scenes here and I liked the development in the second half quite a bit with the deal between the two. And the first half is pretty good and the film starts really well.

However, despite that deal, everything else in that second half is rather disappointing and not a lot of exciting action happens. I liked that man character here quite a bit to the point of me wanting for him to return. And the setting is also solidly put to use. But nothing here is particularly great and the film is just a good, albeit satisfying Tom and Jerry entry and a fine sequel.

Posse Cat is a fine sequel with some good moments, a well used setting and a great first half.

My Rating – 4

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