Little School Mouse (1954)

Little School Mouse ReviewLittle School Mouse Review

Little School Mouse is a 1954 animated short that is the 83rd Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is formulaic, but still quite solid.

Yes, this is basically ‘Professor Tom‘, but with the roles reversed as Jerry is the professor here. And while that really bothered me and the overall cartoon is so familiar and lacking humor, I still found the action to be pretty good. I really liked that ending as it was quite funny.

Tuffy is excellent here and really well used. The interactions between him and Jerry are great, but even he and Tom are good too. While I would have liked to have seen something original, I still really enjoy this newfound emphasis on Jerry as Tom has been in the spotlight for too long. But I hope that at least Jerry will get some original storylines in the future. This is good, but uninspired.

Little School Mouse uses the mice particularly well and is fun, but it lacks in terms of storytelling and originality.

My Rating – 4

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