Puppy Tale (1954)

Puppy Tale ReviewPuppy Tale Review

Puppy Tale is a 1954 animated short that is the 80th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is such an endearing and ultimately rewarding short.

Puppy Tale is the kind of Tom and Jerry short that hits all the right cutesy and entertainment elements. Jerry stumbles upon a puppy and wants to take him to the house and even though Tom throws him out at first, he eventually comes to like him and agrees to take him in. That is the reason why this short is so good, Tom is never bad here and he actually cares for the puppy and his conscience gets the best of him.

Jerry is also great here as is that puppy who is very cute and behaves realistically. I loved that dog energy in this episode. The humor is lacking as it isn’t particularly funny and the short is not original as well, but that hardly matters when it is this endearing and this lovely. I also really liked its animation with the color of dark blue being very unique and interestingly used here.

Puppy Tale is not only lovely, but also very satisfying in terms of emotion and its ending which is so heartwarming and just perfect.

My Rating – 4.2

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