Life with Tom (1953)

Life with Tom Review

Life with Tom Review

Life with Tom is a 1953 animated short that is the 79th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is without any doubt the best compilation in the series.

Yes, Life with Tom is still a compilation film above all and it is filler. Its select shorts are also not as memorable as even the parts chosen aren’t the greatest. And even though that still remains a big problem here, this is still a rare compilation film that manages to elevate the format thanks to some strong storytelling and exceptional humor.

Yes, I laughed out loud many times. The beginning is great and every scene that is between the fillers is absolutely fantastic. But of course the ending is the major highlight for various reasons. It is very funny, frankly hilarious and I laughed a lot. But it is also incredibly heartwarming and satisfying to see that the two are still friends after all and this is undoubtedly the sweetest thing Jerry has ever done for the big cat and I just adored that. The best Tom and Jerry cartoons are the ones where we see their friendship which is why this one succeeds against all odds.

Life with Tom succeeds in elevating its filler format with a lot of laughs and a genuine heart.

My Rating – 4

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