Two Little Indians (1953)

Two Little Indians ReviewTwo Little Indians Review

Two Little Indians is a 1953 animated short that is the 78th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is such a hilarious, really well done film.

Two Little Indians is such a pleasant surprise and one of the best entries in recent memory. The only problem here is that it is a bit too frenetic in pacing and that Jerry is the weak link as he is quite forgettable when compared to the other three characters. But other than that, the film has such an abundance of great action sequences that riveted me.

There are many phenomenal moments here and most concern Tom who is absolutely hilarious this time around. This is also the most brutal Tom and Jerry entry in years as Tom literally loses a tip of his tail in one scene and gets his head scalped in another one. But this is such a hilarious, frequently funny cartoon and I laughed out loud many times, the action and Tom are the highlights. This has to be the funniest entry in the series in a very long time.

Two Little Indians is an incredibly funny Tom and Jerry entry with a welcome brutality to it, awesome action and many hilarious scenes.

My Rating – 4.2

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