Triplet Trouble (1952)

Triplet Trouble ReviewTriplet Trouble Review

Triplet Trouble is a 1952 animated short that is the 67th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is an interesting entry, but the one that is plagued with too many problems.

Yes, Triplet Trouble is an interesting cartoon that benefits from the introduction of the three little fluffy kittens. I really enjoyed these new characters and Mammy in particular was memorable here. The wings part in the finale is so funny and wonderfully fitting for the beginning of the film. I liked the characters and I really enjoyed Tom and Jerry’s joined effort to beat these kittens.

However, what I did not like has to be the action. It is so forgettable and so clich├ęd with each and every scenario being very tired and uninspired. And that machine near the end, although serving its purpose, is ridiculous and somewhat pointless in style and purpose. But this premise with the kittens as the new troublemakers really could have been used much, much better which is the biggest reason why I found the end product to be really disappointing.

Triplet Trouble benefits from an excellent introduction to the three kittens, but the action is forgettable and the film is overall executed in quite a disappointing fashion.

My Rating – 3.9

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