Johann Mouse (1953)

Johann Mouse ReviewJohann Mouse Review

Johann Mouse is a 1953 animated short that is the 75th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is the last Oscar-winning short from the series.

Johann Mouse is another musical in the vein of ‘The Cat Concerto‘. I really liked this short mainly for its animation which is just gorgeous. It has superb character designs of humans as well as some wonderful interiors in the house and well animated clothes. It does look splendid. As for its story, I overall liked it despite it not being too ambitious.

The voice narration is present here and that separates this entry from others that do not share that distinction. And I have to say that I liked it as it was really well incorporated into the storyline. The film is well crafted, engaging and very well edited and paced. There is only one major problem here and that is its humor. The film is just not funny and that really hurt it in the long run. I did not laugh once during its running time which is very bad. But in spite of that, this is a surprisingly good Oscar-winning film.

Johann Mouse has a weak humor, but great storytelling, excellent narration and just phenomenal animation.

My Rating – 4.2

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