Old Rockin’ Chair Tom (1948)

Old Rockin' Chair Tom Old Rockin’ Chair Tom Review

Old Rockin’ Chair Tom is a 1948 animated short which is the 36th Tom and Jerry entry. It is very good and one of the more original entries of the time.

I found this film to be very authentic and refreshing on multiple levels. First of all, we see the duo working together which is something they haven’t done in a while. I really loved that endearing finale. The short also starts well and the pacing is superb with all parts being very good. Tom is excellent as is Jerry, but I also really liked Lightning and although his design wasn’t the most original, his properties, on the other hand, are as he truly is a superhero of this series.

The action is mostly phenomenal with the exception of the use of iron which I found rather boring and that is the weakest point of this movie. But everything else is fantastic as it is so incredibly entertaining and wonderfully fast-paced. I really loved Mammy here as she got such a long amount of running time and is beautifully incorporated into the plot and I wish they use her more often as she usually makes the films much better. And the short is simply hilarious with a couple of really funny moments (Lightning kicking Jerry out instantly comes to mind).

Old Rockin’ Chair Tom is such an authentic entry with superb characters with Lightning being wonderfully introduced, mostly good action and terrific humor.

My Rating – 4.3

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