Cruise Cat (1952)

Cruise Cat ReviewCruise Cat Review

Cruise Cat is a 1952 animated short that is the 71st Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a very unique, albeit still disappointing entry.

Yes, Cruise Cat is very unique in its setting and mostly makes use of the ship well. And it has some good action in the second half, but the first half remains problematic as it was, to be honest, incredibly boring and typical, almost lifeless. But that was fixed with a more energetic, more entertaining approach later on. I liked both of the characters here and I liked how the humans were utilized in the outcome.

As for the footage from ‘Texas Tom‘, it was both good and bad. It was bad as it was another stupid filler, but it was fine as an interesting experience as basically both the cat and the mouse watched the cartoon and they laughed at it, producing some hilarious moments. Because of all that, Cruise Cat is definitely a solid, interesting entry, but still quite weak in comparison to the others in the series.

Cruise Cat is disappointing and at first boring, but it gets better later on with some good action and some intriguing moments.

My Rating – 4

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