The Duck Doctor (1952)

The Duck Doctor ReviewThe Duck Doctor Review

The Duck Doctor is a 1952 animated short that is the 64th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a very entertaining, but repetitive entry.

Tom shoots a wild duckling and it is up to Jerry to nurse and protect him from the cat. I absolutely loved the duckling and though he did seem too much like Donald Duck in his speech manner, I still found that incredibly fun to listen to. Also, he is so endearing and wonderfully animated. And I loved Jerry here quite a bit and his frustration in his care for the duckling was so entertaining.

Tom is the weakest link here unfortunately and most of that is due to action sequences. I just found this short to be too repetitive to the point of being annoying. How many times are they going to have a scene in which Tom is flattened by some kind of an object? That was frustrating and unoriginal. But the action did produce one original moment and that is the grave scene which is hilarious and so inventive. But overall, the short could have been better.

The Duck Doctor is repetitive, but endearing, funny and featuring an absolutely great use of Jerry and the duckling.

My Rating – 4

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