The Flying Cat (1952)

The Flying Cat ReviewThe Flying Cat Review

The Flying Cat is a 1952 animated short that is the 63rd Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a very slight, but entertaining entry.

Tom uses a swing to chase Jerry and the canary. I liked the use of the swing and it was interesting to see Tom up in the sky. I also really liked the canary and I thought he was much better utilized here than before. But Jerry is disappointing as he is quite underused and forgettable in this one.

I liked some of the action with some inventive moments here and there and The Flying Cat is somewhat funny in some scenes, but it is for the most part a slight entry in the series with a forgettable plot and not that excellent use of the title characters. It is definitely solid, but it is nowhere near the quality of some of the best that the series has produced.

The Flying Cat has a good use of the canary and some funny scenes, but it is still a forgettable entry with not that memorable plot as well as an uninspired use of the series’ duo.

My Rating – 4

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