Jerry and the Goldfish (1951)

Jerry and the Goldfish ReviewJerry and the Goldfish Review

Jerry and the Goldfish is a 1951 animated short that is the 56th Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a clichéd, but charming entry.

Jerry befriends a fish in the bowl, but Tom wants to cook it and it is up to Jerry to save the fish. Yes, the storyline and especially the action is very clichéd with all of the scenarios and the chases being highly familiar. And it is definitely repetitive. However, what it lacks in action, it compensates in charm which it has in abundance. It is just such a charming and immensely enjoyable and entertaining cartoon.

I liked the introduction of the Goldfish and the relationship between him and Jerry is just superb. They are so endearing together and the last shot in particular with them swimming is so heartwarming. Also, the opening with the two befriending is really good. And I liked Tom here quite a bit and the conclusion with him flying off to space was fun. This is overall a very entertaining and effervescent entry despite its familiar plot trappings.

Jerry and the Goldfish is familiar in action, but still so charming and endearing with a great introduction of the Goldfish and an excellent relationship between him and Jerry.

My Rating – 4

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